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Life coaching is a bit of a Wild West. Anyone can take a course, become certified and call themselves a life coach. The problem? Most are inept when it comes to the deeper layers of the human psyche. As an individual training to be a psychologist, you can be assured that my primary learning is not displayed by some certificate of completion, but, rather, a continued immersion in a field in which the science of human flourishing is my top priority.

There are many definitions of life coaches in today’s world. Typically, a life coach is described as a guide to help individuals discover their goals and passions and use them to help them travel down a path to the life they want. This may be partly true. However, branding oneself as a coach implies that that individual has knowledge the common public is not privy to. I believe each of our healing and contentment is unique to us, and therefore no one is a better expert on what makes you happy than you. My only prerequisite for being a coach is continuing to be on the path of healing myself. This is the model for coaches in athletic settings as well. The best athletes still have coaches. Is this because they lack talent, knowledge, and skills for their sport? Surely not. The coach’s role is often to remind athletes of their abilities and collaborate to remove whatever impedes their performance. Similarly, we often need another person we can connect, process, and plan with as we move toward our unique versions of happiness and fulfillment. I conceptualize my role as a life coach upon similar premises.

Success is not a matter of working harder

Life is meant to be enjoyed not endured.

It’s shocking how many people think that if they can just get “that promotion”, “that relationship”, “that car”, “that house”, then they’ll be happy.

The problem? They get that special thing and they’re still searching.

Life is too short to not enjoy it. Let’s build a life you are proud of NOW, not when you get that next thing.

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