HI, I'M NICK. We all have to choose our own path in life–but we don’t have to choose it alone.

I’m San Diego life coach Nick Furnari, MA, PhDc, and I’m here to shine a light on your journey to help you attain true success and happiness.

By combining my master’s in clinical psychology with an innate ability and desire to help others, I’ll provide you with an in-depth understanding about where you have come from and who you are today.

From there, we’ll work together to identify what steps you need to take to get where you want to go in life.

San Diego Life Coach


I don’t just provide answers and guidance for you.

I answer the voice deep down inside of you.

It’s the voice telling you there’s more to life. That something’s being left on the table. That you haven’t reached your full potential.

Using my years of formal training studying the human mind, my life coaching helps unravel the tangled conflict inside of you that’s holding you back. With these insights, we will then lay bare what you personally need to do to experience the authentic success in life you’re looking for.

However, my life coaching services provide you with more than access to my formal psychological training and experience.

Beyond my education and accolades is an empathetic, compassionate human being who will truly support your capacity for growth and development. After all, my understanding of the human psyche accomplishes very little if I lack the ability to understand you as a unique human being.

By cultivating a genuine connection with you while applying my psychological training and methods, my life coaching will provide you with the understanding and guidance you need to break free from habits or patterns that hold you back, help you set meaningful goals, and achieve true happiness and fulfillment.

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You’ve achieved everything else: exciting experiences, material possessions, new relationships, personal accomplishments… and yet, there remains one thing you haven’t achieved: true satisfaction.

But how can you know how to achieve satisfaction if you don’t know who you truly are to begin with?

My personal coaching uncovers what you need to know: your unique identity.

With a foundation in a wide array of fields that provide understanding into the human mind and behavior, I’ll help you overcome existing limitations and stop unintentionally reinforcing negative habits and obstacles that may be hindering your progress in life.

As we work to shift your focus towards goals that genuinely resonate with your core desires and aspirations rather than the objectives you feel that you “should” pursue, you’ll be able to finally embrace the path that’s right for you: one that leads to personal growth beyond just short-lived success, where you can finally reach your full potential and experience true satisfaction.

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You need to know where you’re going before you can map out how to get there. Yet, many don’t actually know what to aim for beyond a certain title or salary.

Career coaching provides the meaning and satisfaction you’re looking for by focusing on one fundamental aspect: what success is on your own terms. 

We’ll go beyond general concepts of success and dig deeper to uncover what success truly means to you. This involves setting you free from common attitudes, incorrect beliefs, or unhealthy habits or actions that may be holding you back.

From there, career coaching will establish your personal markers of accomplishment and fulfillment to help you gain clarity, purpose, and a personalized roadmap for your career.

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An organization that’s efficient, focused, and achieves clearly defined goals doesn’t happen automatically. 

Afterall, the same dilemmas that individuals face can wreak havoc on team dynamics, culture, and productivity. 

Fortunately, the proven approaches that help an individual can be deployed through organizational life coaching. These methods produce results that are just as effective with a team as they are a person.

My organizational life coaching can revolutionize your organization’s workflow and foster a culture of self-awareness and innovation. My approach addresses both individual and collective needs, ensuring that your team is not only aligned with a common purpose but is also equipped to overcome obstacles and challenges in order to maximize results.

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A Sand Diego Life Coach Who Identifies What You Truly Need

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured.

Yet, many in San Diego struggle to find happiness, even though they have worked hard to acquire all of the supposed ingredients they need: “that promotion”, “that relationship”, “that car”, “that house”.

However, we’re far more complex than that. That’s why my psychiatric-based life coaching has proven so effective at helping people just like you. 

With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of our mental and emotional makeup, I have helped countless individuals understand both what’s missing and what works, putting them on a path that finally provides satisfaction and fulfillment.

Life is too short to not truly enjoy it. Let’s build a life you are proud of now, instead of wasting your time and energy pursuing “that next thing”.

San Diego Life Coaching That Gets the Results You’re Looking For

Just about anyone can put a certification on their wall and call themselves a life coach. However, people are far more complex than what just courses and programs teach. 

To provide real help that redirects a person towards the life that they truly want to live, you need someone well versed in each layer of the human psyche.

The guidance and insights I provide as a San Diego life coach come from years spent studying the inner-workings of the mind. 

My master’s in clinical psychology combined with my ongoing studies in this field allow me to uncover who you truly are as a human being and identify what specific steps will unlock what you’re looking for in life.

Connect With a San Diego Life Coach for Insights that Lead to Success.

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Discovering what you need to find real success and satisfaction involves finding out who you truly are inside. To do so, you need a life coach who is a trained psychologist and personal advocate on your side. I’m here to provide you with both.

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