Nick Furnari, MA, PhDc

I hold a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and am currently obtaining my Ph.D. in Clincial Psychology. I help incredible people get in touch with what they need, in order to create a life they love.

San Diego Life Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is typically described as an interactive experience where individuals discover their goals and passions and use them to help you travel down a path to the life you want. This is not my belief. In fact, I hesitate to refer to myself as a coach for this reason. Branding oneself as a coach implies that that individual has knowledge that the common public is not privy to. I believe each of our healing and contentment is unique to us and therefore no one is a better expert on what makes them thrive than themselves. My only prerequisite for being a coach is continuing to be on the path of healing myself. Let’s connect and see what that journey means for you.


Our sessions are 100% confidential. As someone immersed in my education toward a Doctoral degree in psychology, you can trust that confidentiality is of utmost importance to me.

Session cost varies according to your needs. I offer intensive sessions up to 4 hours in length for those who wish to tackle issues as quickly as possible. On average, my fees start at $200 per hour, but are negotiable. We can also discuss various monthly plans for those interested in longer term relationship.

Payment is quite flexible. Preferred method is through cash or check. Payment may also be made using a secure platform such as Zelle.